The 21st Century Economy

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8 – The 21st Century Economy


The 21st-century economy player understands that new economic growth will focus on beneficiating Africa’s rich resources in Africa.  African leaders should be engaged to embrace science and technology as the pillars of economic growth and learn from competitive countries. There needs to be a focus on quality of outputs versus number counting.

The 21st-century leader invests in a regional innovation district in partnership with government and academia so as to develop a regional cluster. The cluster needs to develop shared infrastructure, shared IP, develop personnel skilled in both social and technological innovations and incubate entrepreneurs to work on game-changing technologies. These leaders need to reskill their employees so that they remain relevant in the 4 IR.


1. Understanding why innovation is linked to global competitiveness.

2. The diversity of wealth in Africa – The bright continent.

3. The new economic growth model

4. Developing skills to win in the new economy.

5. Role of Universities in the new economy.

6. Developing township innovation hubs.

7. Elements of a regional innovation cluster.

8. Embracing game-changing technologies in development.

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Dr Joe Molete (PhD, MBA) - popularly known as Dr Joe - is a speaker, coach and a strategist. He is passionate about coaching leaders so that they are happy both at work and at home. Dr Joe spent more than 20 years developing innovation clusters and supporting technology entrepreneurs commercialise their inventions. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Penn State University, an MBA from University of Cape Town Business School and an Advanced Management Program Certificate from Harvard Business School.


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